For Prospective Patient:

A traveling registered dental hygienist will bring the portable dental equipment, instruments, and chair to you and the organization. For more details read below. 

1) How much does it cost? 

We accept Medicaid insurance only, otherwise fee for service. Click for a copy of the fee schedule: Cost for services here

2) How do I sign up? 

Click for: Referral Form.pdf

A licensed professional who cares for the individual must complete a referral letter. This could include a license doctor, nurse, therapist, counselor, or home health care agency. Once a referral letter is emailed to our hygienist will reach out to schedule an appointment. 

We work with adults with moderate to severe cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Because of our limited availability we ask that patients have a referral letter completed by a licensed professional BEFORE calling for an appointment.

3) Who qualifies for a mobile dental services?

Wisconsin Act 20 here

4) Our services:
Professional dental cleanings by a licensed RDH
Ongoing recare / dental follow ups
Fluoride treatment
Oral hygiene assessment

Oral cancer screenings
Gum disease risk management
Customize home care plan
Dentist referral
Coordinated care with medical personnel, legal guardian and/or caretakers

***Disclaimer: Visits from RDH Communications LLC are not a substitute for checkups with a licensed dentist. It is advised to have a once a year dentist exam / we can coordinate care with your dental office.